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Letter #14

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Demand Generation | Metrics for Behemoth Growth | Scaling SaaS | Launching a Tech Company | Total Addressable Market | Power of Moments | Overcoming Procrastination | Better Brainstorming | User Stories | Feminist Approach to GDP



The metrics behind Shopify's behemoth growth πŸ“ˆ

from $2.7B to more than $10B in two years.


Navigating your way to launching a tech company 🏒

Tips & Tools [With a crash course from Phil Libin]


TAM: Total Addressable Market πŸ“„

How the highest digit of your Pitch Deck could lead you to the deepest pit.


Economics gender gap πŸ‘«

Here's the "Feminist" approach to calculating GDP


The costs of procrastination. πŸŽ¬

How to combat?


Don't tell your product's feature, tell its story! πŸŽ₯

Achieve your product functionality with user stories for better coordination and cognitive impact.


Selling Saas to everyone πŸ’»

From tech enthusiasts and visionaries to conservatives and skeptics.


Moments matter, their longevity doesn't. 🌁

You can't define moments based on their specifics; subconscious mind makes the choice.


Incorporating embarrassment into better brainstorming. πŸ—£

Admit inner discomfort to make space for new and better thoughts.


What stands between us and achieving our most ambitious goals has far less to do with acquiring a magical skill

and far more to do with how you approach problems and make decisions to solve them.
As a non-tech founder, one thing that you need to master well in order to win is the ability to sell your ideas, your vision and move people through your story.
Nitesh Agrawal

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