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Curation as a Service

Curated Content For Social Media
That Generate Leads!


How it works?

You tell us what content to be curated.

Tell us what you do and about your target market.
Then, choose the topics relevant to your business.
Lead Generation Box

Your LeadBox, Your Identity

Fill in your lead generation details including where you want the readers to arrive when they interact with your LeadBox.

We Curate The Content

We draw a picture of your target market, understand their interests and curate the web to pick the content that is relevant to your business.
Content Curation
B2B Lead Generation

We Prepare Your LeadBox

Taking your lead generation details, we prepare a lead box and embed it into a unique URL.

We Schedule Your Posts

Your post with LeadBox containing unique URL is scheduled via BUFFER. To have more control, you can opt for 'Review & Approve' to schedule it yourself.
RefR Social Media Marketing
Social Media Tools

You Enjoy The Interactions And The Leads

Isn’t it awesome that the hottest content on the web will work for you now? High Five! 
Let’s make our social media posts a lot more productive with curated content!
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How it works?

You tell us how you want it.

Choose the topics relevant
to you and your business.

You tell us how you want it.

Select your lead box design and
feed in your lead generation details.

We Curate The Content

We do all the hard work to curate the web and pick the content that is relevant to you and your business.

We Prepare Your Lead Box

Taking your lead generation details, we prepare a lead box and embed it into a unique URL.

We Schedule Your Posts

All your posts with lead box containing unique URLs are scheduled through BUFFER to go out at crucial times throughout the day when your followers are most likely to notice them.

You Enjoy The Interactions And The Leads

Isn’t it awesome that the hottest content on the web will work for you now? High Five! 
Let’s make our social media posts a little more productive!

automated curation vs personalised curation

How you share currently

Keef Hanson @keefhanson - June 19
How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy From Scratch get.refr.io/manage-multiple-social-media-accounts

How you share with RefR

Keef Hanson @keefhanson - June 19

Crafting an extraordinary #SocialMedia #Marketing strategy from square one! http://go.refr.io/strategic-social-media-management Guide to ⬆️ your Social game 💪 via @buffer

Post copywriting - we pick an interesting insight from the curated content and not CMD (C+V) the original title.
On-brand personalised image - we design a minimal image to go out with the curated content.
We tap into the opportunities/trends to amplify the curated content by using hashtags
Our magical LeadBox link containing your brand call to action will redirect the readers to your web or product.

Show me how does LeadBox work

Every single LeadBox is embedded within a unique link. By that means, every piece of curated content can have it's own unique LeadBox-containing link. When a user interacts with the curated content you’ve shared on social media, they will be redirected to the content host website, which will be framed by your LeadBox.

Click the button below to try it for yourself.
It's branding the content you share on social media.

See what an inspiration looks like

For real ones - Check out our

How much does it cost?

Please rotate your phone
to work out the pricing details.

All plans include a 7-day free trial.
Hover on the circles for more info.


Personalised Curation for individuals & startups who want to remain active in their niche, socially.
Upto 60 posts
per month
Connect all
Social Accounts
@mention & hashtag included
Post copywriting
Short Links
Buyer Persona
Review &
Approve to
multiple profiles


Go for the LeadBox
Everything from CuratR
+ 30 posts
per month
30 on-brand
images per month
buyer journey
upto 45 LeadBoxes
unlimited clicks
LeadR Report
Priority Email
Need more beyond LeadR?
Posts, On-brand GIFs,
LeadBoxes, Custom LeadBox Links, Custom Domain, More Brands (Agency),
or whatever you can come up with.
Can you prompt your social media person for the leads generated from curated content? No, right? We'll send you the impact and analysis of your LeadBoxes in a report, monthly.
We do not bank on the number of posts but on their quality, relevance and impact. Every post can be scheduled on multiple social accounts.
We do not bank on the number of posts but on their relevance, readability and impact. That said, we focus on Twitter & Facebook, while creating post titles and images. Refer to FAQs below.
All the future LeadBox updates (email sign ups, retargeting, etc.) will be included in your package without any upgrade fee.
Tweets with images get 150% more retweets. We'll design impactful and minimal images for your posts. Refer to FAQ Design!
Knowing the target market is paramount to curating the relevant content. We understand your target persona, and how their interest align with your business activity.
Each post can be scheduled on all your connected ones. That said, we focus on Twitter & Facebook, while creating post titles and images. Refer to FAQs below.
Images make better text. Really? Yes & they get you 84% more click-throughs, 53% more likes, 104% more comments. We'll design impactful and minimal on-brand images for your posts. Refer to FAQ Design!
To truly curate the right content, knowing the buyer pain points is paramount. We create your buyer persona, confirm it with you to curate the content accordingly.
You can connect upto 7 social profiles (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram). You sure know that catch of Instagram scheduling.
There's no fun if our post is = title of the curated content. We'll give it a fresh look by picking an insight from the curated content.
We tap into the opportunities/trends to amplify your curated content. Where relevant, we will mention the source.
We will embed your LeadBox(es) in 45 most relevant and applicable social media posts every month.
We report the content we curate for you, which bespeak what is working and what is not. You might want to alter/add something to the strategy hereafter.
Every buyer's story and journey is unique. We realise the moment of inspiration and create the trigger (LeadBox placements) accordingly.
You can connect any (Facebook/Twitter) social profiles. Check FAQs below for more info.
Connect as many accounts you want. Keep in mind - if you are on CuratR plan, every post can be scheduled on any one social account. Refer to FAQs below.
You can use the 'Review & Approve' feature to schedule the curated content on multiple social accounts with single click.
Have more control with our 'Review & Approve' feature to schedule the curated content per your perusal, convenience and discretion.
We can push the personalised images we make for you on Instagram through Buffer Instagram notifications.
Not just reducing the size and complexity, but shortened URLs also allow us to add context. All your posts will be scheduled with RefR shortened URLs.
Need to reach out to different audiences for different accounts? We empower you to assign distinct sub-interests for upto 3 profiles you choose to connect.
While some may charge you per clicks for a similar kind of service, no bar on that from our side.
We'll tackle your issues at priority with a smile.

Common Questions

Is my business even suitable for you guys to curate the content?

Sign up for a free trial, fill the content curation form, including the selection of your interests within the categories that have been provided. In case, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, type in your interests at the end of the form. Once we get your entries, we’ll let you know if we can accommodate your requests within our ambit.

For the starter, we currently do not curate for the core medical, legal and political topics and our curation is limited to the English language only.

What social profiles can I connect?

We predominantly focus on Twitter & Facebook, however, you can connect LinkedIn and Google+ too.

Keep in mind that the pro features like post copywriting, persona, personalised image/gif, LeadBox or anything that will vary on different social media platforms are currently only made for Twitter & Facebook. RefR is not to be held accountable, in case you use share on any other social network, out of your own volition and faces a technical challenge. That said, we can push updates to your Instagram too only when you opt for LeadR plan. Drop us a line in case you need a custom package.

Do you offer a free trial? Is there any contract on paid plan?

Yes! Go for our 14-day free trial just like we would have done for a start. We strongly feel that it would suffice for you to know the deliverance on our curation quality. Being convinced, you can upgrade anytime to savour the caviars of other plans.

As far as the second part of the question goes, there is no contract and anything of the sort. You can even opt-out of the entire thing, should you feel it’s not meant for you.

How does 'Review & Approve' work?

You can toggle 'Review' and get all the content we curate, transformed into a social media post directly in your dashboard. We've lifted the limit of scheduling to multiple profiles. Now a single post can be scheduled on multiple social accounts.

You are creating posts only for Twitter & Facebook, but allowing me to connect unlimited social accounts, I’m confused?

We predominantly focus on Twitter & Facebook. However, as an individual or a business, one could have multiple Facebook pages or Twitter accounts. For e.g. A Restaurant chain could be running two types of pages. One for its restaurants and the other on “Cook at home Recipes”. A single post, say on “How do we make our Dimsums?” may be applicable on both the pages. Hence we give you the freedom to connect all you want social media accounts, which could be on either Twitter or Facebook. Should you connect any other social platform, we can push the same updates there too, however any limitations like image dimensions will not be considered.

What all is RefRable?

Not everything is RefRable. If a website already uses an i-Frame technology, then it would not allow any other source/object of i-Frame on it, which in the current case happens to be our LeadBox. We'll not be able to embed the LeadBox on few sites like

  • The big players - YouTube, Google, Amazon,  EBay, etc.
  • Media sites - Forbes, The NY Times, etc.
  • Secure domains - Government & financial institutions, check-out pages, etc.
  • And some random ones 

Since these sites have put their protection in place for a reason, ethically and legally we have to respect that! BUT, less than 0.5% of sites are blocked though, so there is still 99.5% of all the content on the Web we can RefR! Please Note - In case you are objected to, by a website, that is being used to place the LeadBox on, then we we would advice you to remove it at the earliest convenience.

Fine! I take your Service, how is my LeadBox going to look?

You asked the question just in time. Follow the link and see for yourself on our Twitter account!

How do you make on-brand images?

You wouldn’t imagine the kind of hours we devote to customizing the image for a post.

Not only the effect has to be impactful but also engaging from the perspective of a user. Having said that, we design the images for selected posts on Facebook & Twitter as not each and every post would require a personalised image. It's same as post copywriting as sometimes we do not want to tweak the original title and share it as it is.

Some would go better with gifs whereas the remainder would still be good to go with the original image of the post. It's about what works better and keeping up with the diversity as we don't want your social profile to look like being controlled by bots.

Also, if you'd like us to change any element of your personalised images, feel free to reach out, we'll be happy to do it for you.

How responsive is the LeadBox?

LeadBox is absolutely responsive across all browsers and devices. However, apart from the exceptions listed previously, the following condition may cause a complication:

  • If the Target Site is not responsive or it uses out-of-date compatibility, it might lead to overlapping and cluttered view
  • If the Target Site (the one that you would direct the user to view the content on) is already deploying a pop-up or a lightbox, then that would render the page’s content to disappear entirely, leaving only the LeadBox as an object of display or
  • Combination(s) of a platform, device and operating system that might produce unusual results.

Is LeadBox Legal?

You bet! We’re using a third-party software that applies i-Frame technology to overlay the LeadBox. The software has been tested extensively along side Facebook & Twitter without any Legal or ethical complaints. Why? Let us explain.

The user does not amend the content of the host site. Simple. And since the Hosts are effectively getting organic traffic, it is highly unlikely that they would object (on this ground at least!). But should that one in a million situation arise, we recommend that you remove your link as soon as possible. Our process makes sure that your lead generation details DO NOT claim:

  • That the host site contains any material produced by you
  • That the host site is yours
  • That you are affiliated with the owners of the host site in any way

Rotate your phone to landscape mode for common questions.

Your creation, Our Curation.

Let's make our social media posts a lot more productive!

Notes & Thoughts

Ayush and his team are innovating every day with RefR. Definitely a tool to add to your arsenal if you like the concept of Quuu and Sniply! Great stuff guys!"

Sam Hurley

The Guy Who Went From 'Nobody' to
#1 Marketing Influencer in 15 Months (Without a Website)

This product is awesome. The reporting and analytics emails I get are a huge help. The team behind it are responsive and really easy to work with. Just a great product every way it could be. I use it to generate leads for a very specific project, I actually replaced Quuu for the social media posts on that twitter account. Not because I dislike Quuu, but because the lead boxes are just that next step up.

Gregg Housh

An activist focused on internet freedoms,
censorship, over-prosecution.


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